Digital Radiography

At Family Pet Animal Hospital, we use the latest technology available to provide excellence in diagnostic services for pets in Lockport and neighboring communities. A key component of our diagnostic toolkit is digital radiography. Used to help us diagnose numerous medical conditions, digital radiography goes beyond what we can see and feel during routine physical examinations. It is a painless, safe, completely non-invasive procedure that provides us with high definition images of internal systems quickly and efficiently.

Using this technology, Dr. Gonzales can assess internal organs such as the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys for disease and conditions such as pneumonia. Additionally, digital radiography is used to inspect areas such as the abdomen and the intestinal tract for foreign objects and obstructions, to detect masses and discover pregnancies. Our veterinarian can also determine the severity of orthopedic injuries such as breaks and fractures as well as diagnose chronic arthritis.

Digital radiography provides images much faster and with greater clarity than traditional x-rays. The digital images can be manipulated, enhanced, and contrasted, enabling our doctor to diagnose a condition more accurately. Additionally, the digital images may be shared instantly with board certified veterinary radiologists for consultation if required.

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For after hours and weekend emergencies, please call 985-242-1030. Your call will be answered and evaluated by one of our veterinary technicians on call. If she is available, Dr. Gonzales will be consulted and will handle your emergency. If she is not available, you will be referred to Medvet.

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